Fred Table Saw Lets You Slice Cake Like You’re Cutting Wood


Saw me a piece of that cake, will ya?  Normally, you’d give a quizzical look at anyone who phrases a request that way.  When you’re handling a Fred Table Saw, however, it just makes sense.

While it’s clad like a pedestrian wood-cutting tool, the Fred Table Saw is actually a serrated kitchen knife. Best stay away if you’re looking to wax your carpentry skills – it’s for the kitchen handyman’s tool set.  Rather than slice through planks and timber, the toothed blade should slash through cakes and other tender food, such as vegetables and bread.

Designed by Winnif Pang, the Fred Table Saw is dressed in an all white finish, making it perfect for cutting cake during nuptial ceremonies.  Why anyone would want to be recorded on their wedding reception with a saw on their hand, however, is beyond me.   It measures 0.5 x 3.8 x 12.2 inches and weighs one pound.

As adorable as a table saw knife is, it’s a real disappointment that this thing doesn’t come in a set.  If you’re going to outfit a knife as a table saw, you might as well prepare the same for the rest of your kitchen tools, right?  How about a hammer for pounding on garlic, pliers that serve as tongs and a shovel that functions as a spatula?  I can keep this up all day.

The Fred Table Saw is not yet on store shelves (not that it’s coming to Ace Hardware anytime soon), but you can pre-order now from Amazon.  Price is $7.99.

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