Freedom Legs Let You Walk Without Crutches Even With An Injury


I've broken my legs twice. Both times, I had to walk around in crutches. It sucked eggs.

The Freedom Leg from Forward Mobility claims to be the better alternative, allowing you to move with just a clever brace around your injured leg. That means no more hauling crutches, as the device transfers all the pressure on your injured leg to the thighs. As such, you'll probably still be hobbling, but you can do it without awful-looking wooden sticks that look better as props in pro wrestling.

Made from composite materials, the new recovery apparatus is extremely light at only 2.6 pounds, making it easy to limp around without much problem. It takes on a bent shape, which forces your body weight to fully offload itself to your thigh muscles, allowing you to walk like you're only slightly hurt.

Why the name Freedom Legs? Because it gives you the freedom to walk without using any part of your body other than the legs themselves, injury be damned. There's zero pressure on the injured areas, so you can achieve full recovery, all while performing your regular day-to-day duties (like driving to the convenience store for beers and smokes then watching TV all day...aaah).

Of course, I'd still prefer a motorized wheelchair, but this is a great solution for those who'd rather be upright even while recovering from injuries. It also keeps the hurt legs active, reducing potential atrophy of the erstwhile unused muscles. Looks simple, works brilliantly - I'm sold. Makes me want to hurt my ankles just so I can wear one next week. Hmmm...

[FWD Mobility via MedGadgets]