Freeloader Solar Charger

Freeloaders Rejoice! The Ultimate Power Source For Power Moochers


Our gadgets need energy. We need our phones juiced up for that important phone call. We need our iPods energized so when we’re stuck waiting for the barista to finish making our latte, our feet can keep jamming to our favorite tunes. But suddenly, the phone call shuts off. Suddenly, your foot keeps tapping, but the music has disappeared. You guessed it, your gadget just ran out of power.

Now, in both of the above examples you’re likely near a power source with your handy travel charger, so you just find a power socket, plug in your charger, and within a short amount of time you’ve got power back. But what do you do if you’re on the go? What if you’re on the subway? What if you’re on a camping trip? A phone is as important as an iPod in an emergency (and let’s face it, being without an iPod is an emergency in itself).

What your little gadget needs is a power source. So while you’re pondering, look up, stare at the sun, and realize a light bulb has turned on. With the help of the Freeloader Solar Charger, you now never have to worry about running out of power.


Just let the Freeloader soak up a little sun and its internal battery will then power an iPod for up to 18 hours, a mobile phone for up to 44 hours, a PSP for up to 2.5 hours and a PDA for up to 22 hours. If you’re confused by that long list of gadgets, don’t be. It’s true, this solar charger is universal, coming with so many different adapters it’s sure to fit whatever gadget you need to charge. The Freeloader can retain its energy for up to 3 months, so as long as you’re sure you let it grab some sun without the last 90 days, don’t worry about having to leave it exposed to the sun’s rays.

Stop worrying about whether or not your iPod will run out of juice. With the Freeloader at your side, you can start freeloading off the biggest giver in our solar system: the sun.

Via: firebox