This Is A Freestanding Wall Garden You Can Place Anywhere In The House



You want a vertical garden, but don’t want to nail or screw anything into the wall.  Because your mom don’t like it when you make noise in the basement (just kidding).  Not a problem with the Freestanding Wall Garden, a standalone cabinet for growing your favorite plants.

Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, it comes with 40 separate planting cells (four in each of the ten rows) for growing your herbs, shrubs and decorative plants.  You can set it by the wall to keep it out of the way, use it as a divider to cut off the room, or display it prominently to give some life to an otherwise drab space.

The Freestanding Wall Garden measures 4.75 feet tall, so all the plants should be within easy reach without having to duck really low or  reach up.  The grid of planters occupy the top three-fourths of the structure, with the bottom acting as an open shelf where you can set a couple extra pots if you want to have more plants around.  It weighs 35 pounds when empty, so it’s not that easy to knock over either (although setting it against a wall may be a good idea if you have rowdy kids around).

Frame is constructed from maple wood, with the built-in 1-quart irrigator and collector tray made from recycled HDPE.  Additional features include moisture mat technology (for evenly distributing water during irrigation) and wall brackets (in case you need to secure it  for better stability).

You can get the Freestanding Wall Garden from Williams-Sonoma now, priced at $499.95.

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