FREETALK Everyman Brings Quality Skype Conversations To The Masses


Need a better PC microphone, but unwilling to fork out the cash? Show some love to your Skype buddies with the FREETALK Everyman, a new headset that offers “state-of-the-art” voice talents at a budget-friendly pedestrian price.

While there are probably more headphones-and-mic combo than you’d care to hear about, the Everyman is a particularly noteworthy unit. Developed in tandem with Skype, it’s a USB-based Super Wideband Audio headset that proudly boasts excellent quality wherever you use it. As such, your tightwad ass can finally put an end to shoddy VOIP calls on your PC, even without spending the kind of dollars that typical higher-end headsets command.

Apart from the Super Wideband Audio codec support, specs of the device include an adjustable microphone with a  unidirectional design (to help eliminate ambient noise), full-range stereo neodymium speakers (20Hz-20KHz), lightweight construction, fold-flat form factor and an optional 3.5mm jack for regular headphone use. The unit plugs directly into a free USB port on both PCs and Macs, with no setup necessary.

According to reviews, sound quality is comparable to more expensive headsets like the Plantronics Audio 655, which is quite impressive, considering the FREETALK Everyman’s decidedly mass-market price. It’s quite possibly the best made-for-Skype headset you can find at the affordable $22.88 retail tag. [Skype ]

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