FreezerBoy Turns Your Fridge Into A Giant Gameboy


They now make fridge doors with built-in second doors in them, so who says there won’t come a time when the fridge door can also serve as a full-fledged arcade cabinet? While we wait for that to happen, I guess we can make do with the Freezerboy, a magnet set that makes any refrigerator door look like a giant Gameboy.

No, it won’t quite transform the fridge into a playable, large-screen Gameboy for your retro-gaming pleasure, but it should turn it into a supersized lookalike. Sure, you’ll have to get creative and imagine 8-bit Zelda graphics popping up on the green LCD, but it sure beats staring at an empty metal surface every time you stand in front of the fridge door.


The Freezerboy is a six-piece magnet set, with each piece designed to replicate one element of the classic handheld console. You get the D-pad, the four buttons, and the LCD all scaled up in size, with the screen measuring a large 16 x 12 inches. Like all good fridge magnets, it’s designed to remove easily, all while leaving no marks on the door surface. Since they’re just regular magnets, they should play nice with, pretty much, any magnetic surface, so you can turn the washing machine, the steel door in your panic room, or even the front gate into a Gameboy for your personal amusement.

Available now, the FreezerBoy is priced at $19.99.

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