Supersize Bed: Is That Giant French Fries On My Headboard Or Is This All A Dream?

I know, French fries are horrible.  They pack a ridiculous amount of calories, yet you need so much to get full, all while being desert-level barren when it comes to nutrition.  But you know what?  They taste so good.  And you know what else?  They make for an incredibly fun-looking bed, too.  Seriously, just look at this Supersize Bed.

A collaboration between Cecilia Carey and Harry Par, it’s a bed frame with a headboard styled to look like a giant order of French fries at McDonald’s.  Well, if McDonald’s ever served them in Godzilla-like portions.  Seriously, is there a McDonald’s that serves them this big?  Give me the address.

The best part?  Those French fries on the headboard are actually bolster cushions that you can use as body pillows while you curl up on the bed.  Alternatively, they can also be put use to stage a battle royale-style pillow fight in the bedroom (there’s, like, over a dozen of them, so it’s like a pillow fight party).  Other than the French fries headboard, the Supersize Bed actually looks and functions like a regular bed.  You know, the kind you can just throw on a comfy mattress, add some pillows (or Privacy Pillows, if you’re paranoid), and wrap them in clean sheets to get your sleep on.

Available as a made to order piece, the Supersize Bed can be customized to accommodate any size of mattress.  Pricing isn’t listed, but, unlike at McDonald’s, these French fries probably aren’t going for cheap.

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