This French Fries Tie Is Not Edible, But It’s Incredible


Some guys find bow ties stylish. Others find them goofy. Regardless of where you stand in that argument, you will have to agree that the French Fries Tie is kinda awesome. I mean, you’re wearing French fries. With ketchup. Yay.

Made by Etsy seller Rommy Debommy, it’s a novelty bow tie cut in the form of a mouthful of French fries topped with ketchup. It’s not edible, but it’s certain to make any outfit look incredible, ensuring every girl who likes fast food will think you’re such a swell guy. No, really.


The French Fries Tie is made from foam, so while it looks heavy and cumbersome, it should be light and unobtrusive, making for an accessory that you’ll probably forget you’re wearing a few minutes after you leave the house. Well, until every time someone tells you that you’re wearing French fries on your collar, that is. Unlike regular ties, you won’t have to tie this (because tying foam will probably be difficult), since it comes with an alligator clip in the back for quickly slipping on and off. Each one, by the way, is made by hand upon ordering, so you can make special requests, like using mayonnaise instead of catsup or putting one less stick of fries because you’re on a diet. Or something like that.


Available now, the French Fries Tie is priced at $39.91. Check out the video below to see the full collection of food-oriented bow ties available from Rommy Debommy.

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