Someone Wrote A Book About Fries… And It Looks Delicious


We don’t know whether we buy its premise that French fries is the world’s favorite food, but we have a feeling it has to figure somewhere near the top. I mean, who doesn’t eat the darn things? Fries: An Illustrated Guide to the World’s Favorite Food celebrates this simple yet tasty snack.

Authored by Boise Fry Company co-founder Blake Lingle, the hardcover takes an up-close look at the deep-fried potato snack, from its roots to its many varieties to its modern evolution as a gourmet treat. And, yes, it’s illustrated, so the words are accompanied by a whole lot of delectable images, from full-color photos of modern fry dishes to archival pictures from many decades back. Yes, we’re hoping that includes full-page photos of the most disgusting poutines ever assembled (come to think of it, I want an entire book of that instead).


Throughout its 144 pages, Fries: An Illustrated Guide to the World’s Favorite Food catalogs the wide variety of deep-fried potato strips the world over. Not all fries are the same, after all, with different cuts, oils, coatings, seasonings, and sauces changing how people experience the snack. They also go into detail about what food and drinks go best with different kinds of fries, along with detailed instructions designed to help you cut, fry, and serve your own ideal version. And, yes, it also covers the long-standing debate as to whether the original fries were really French or Belgian.


Available now, Fries: An Illustrated Guide to the World’s Favorite Food is priced at $10.59.

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