Freshpaper Promises To Keep Your Produce Fresher For Much Longer

Sure, you can refrigerate all your fruits and vegetables to keep them fresher for a longer period of time.  But what if you only shop once a month and need to make them last even longer than what a fridge could do?  Freshpaper offers a solution.

Made by Fenugreen, it looks nothing but a humble sheet of paper at first glance.  You know, like the kind you’ll crumple up and throw at your kid sister because she’s annoying and has cooties or something.  Except it’s actually decked in freshness-maintaining superpowers that protects your fruits and veggies by merely being around them — like an instant force field against mold and rotting.  Move over Mentos, the real freshmaker is in the house.

Freshpaper is a five-inch square sheet of paper made from edible organic ingredients that inhibit the growth of fungus, bacteria and enzymes that cause over-ripening.  Just drop a sheet anywhere you keep your fruits and vegetables — in your fancy door-in-door fridge’s crisper drawer, a produce bag or that fruit bowl sitting at the end of the counter.  When used, it will keep produce fresh for up to four times longer organically.

A single sheet is enough to keep fresh produce inside a standard crisper drawer extra-protected for two to three weeks.  Do note that you’ll have to replace it with a new sheet once the maple-like smell is gone (it means the active ingredients have been used up).

If you mess around at all in the kitchen, then you’ve had it happen: mold on vegetables just as you’re about to do your Chinese stir-fry or over-ripened tomatoes right when you’re about make pasta sauce for a date.  Freshpaper should save you from most of those instances.  It’s available now, priced at $5.99 for a sampler pack (8 pieces) and $42.99 for the value bundle (80 pieces).