Freshware Collapsible Camping Kettle Compacts Into A 2.5-Inch Thick Pile


Yes, you can boil water in a can when slumming it in the outdoors, but there’s just something about having an actual kettle that makes the experience feel a lot better. Problem is, an actual kettle isn’t the most compact thing to bring along, as it takes up a good chunk of space in your pack. The Freshware Collapsible Camping Kettle changes that.

Designed to collapse into a compact pile measuring 6.5 x 7 x 2.5 inches, the kettle can be easily squeezed into your pack without taking a whole lot of room, so you can bring a real kettle into your camping trips while still carrying your regular stash of gear. Whether you’re spending the hike to camp going on foot for long periods or driving for most of the way, this thing is small enough that it won’t add any discomfort to your journey.


To start using the Freshware Collapsible Camping Kettle, simply move the handle to position it upright and pull on the top section to achieve the standard kettle shape. Able to hold up to 40 ounces of water, the kettle can boil up to five cups of water in one go, allowing you to have enough hot water to serve coffee to a small group first thing in the morning. And it’s a real kettle, too, complete with a spout for a controlled pour, a handle for convenient serving, and a removable lid for easily filling it with contents.

Construction is food-grade and heat-resistant silicone for the body and the lid, with the base covered in stainless steel. That way, you can use it on top of an open fire without damaging the body, as well as on the induction cooktop at home in case you want to use it outside of the camping grounds, too. Do note, you will want to put this on top of a somewhat controlled fire (small survival stoves and butane/propane stoves sound perfect), since large flames that can reach past the sides and over the metal panel could damage the silicone body.

According to Freshware, the silicone material used in the Collapsible Camping Kettle is safe to use in temperatures up to 230 degrees, so this will handle the boiling content, no matter how hot it gets. That also means occasionally being exposed to flames (which could happen now and again) won’t damage it, provided it’s not left at the mercy of fire for extended periods.  The silicone, by the way, meets all US FDA and European LFGB safety standards, so this thing will not impart any taste to the water you boil inside.

It has a handle that can lock in two different positions: parallel to the base when collapsed and upright when in use. Construction is metal for the core of the handle, although it’s covered in the same heat-resistant silicone, allowing it to stay cool to the touch despite multiple successive boiling sessions. And, yes, the darn thing is dishwasher-safe, in case you manage to find a magical dishwasher somewhere in the backcountry.

Want one? The Freshware Collapsible Camping Kettle is available now.

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