Frevola T7A Treadmill Turns Your Workout Into Games

Can’t find the motivation to go on the treadmill?  Most people I know don’t bother with motivation – they just pop on some tunes or watch TV to distract themselves from the hard work required.  The Frevola T7A adds a new dimension to treadmill workout, slipping in a built-in computer so you can play a variety of exercise-based games.

What kind of games, exactly?  How about an onscreen avatar that runs as you do, competing with other AI runners that you can challenge yourself against?  It can plug into your LAN too, allowing you to run virtual marathons with other treadmill users, both on the network and online.  According to the specs sheet, there’s also a motivation game, team treadmill exercises and goal-clearing workouts.

The Frevola T7A is a high-end treadmill with a 4.5 horsepower motor and crowned steel rollers.  It packs in all modern running machine functions, such as speed control, incline control, heart rate monitoring and all the usual fare.  Stepping it up a notch is an intelligent interactive system that can tailor your workouts for you, speeding up automatically and slowing down based on what it detects in your performance.

A 17-inch touchscreen LCD is hooked up right on the machine, where you can manage all the controls, as well as access the various entertainment features.  It’s got its own TV tuner, A/V inputs, USB port (yes, you can plug in your own MP3, WMV and DivX files) and a variety of preloaded software.  A full stereo system is included too, as well as a 3.5mm jack if you prefer more private listening.

While it’s not the first treadmill to come with hefty entertainment features, the Frevola T7A sure sets itself apart with the built-in gaming capabilities.  We’re not sure about pricing, but do expect it to be steep.

[Frevola via Born Rich]