Use The Friday Smart Lock To Make Any Single-Cylinder Deadbolt Smart


Smart locks are supposed to simplify the way we use the locks in our home, which is why we scratch our heads every time we see complicated smart lock solutions. That won’t be the case with the Friday Smart Lock, which seems to take that simplicity in function to heart.

Instead of replacing your existing lock, the device can install on any single-cylinder deadbolt, serving as the lock’s indoor component while you retain the existing keyhole outside. That means, you can still use your existing keys to open the door, albeit you now have options in automating the manner in which your door locks and unlocks.


The Friday Smart Lock is, literally, just a knob with a styling similar to those you’ll find on fancy gas ranges. Inside that humble knob exterior, of course, it comes with electronics that allow it to hop on your network and communicate with your phone, enabling it to detect when to turn itself to either open the lock or close it. The device itself is a retrofit replacement for the inside thumb latch on any single-cylinder deadbolt lock, so if you have one of those on your front door, you should be able to easily install this all by yourself. To set up, just remove the inner component of the existing lock, screw this in its place, and you’re done.

Using the app (iOS onlu), you can set the lock to automatically disengage when it recognizes your phone approaching while engaging once again as soon as you walk away from it. That means, your door can unlock as soon as you’re nearing it, so you can quickly enter or exit the house, then lock itself immediately afterwards. You can do the same for other members of the household by simply giving them virtual keys, any of which you can revoke at any time, so you can lock the husband out of the house whenever you feel like it (unless, of course, he still has a physical key). Even better, it keeps a log of all the virtual keys that come through your door, so you’ll know exactly who’s been in the house and who hasn’t at any particular time.


The Friday Smart Lock uses metal for all its mechanical parts, ensuring it will perform as reliably as any trusted deadbolt. It comes with a universal baseplate that works with all deadbolts, too, all while rotating a full 360-degrees to ensure full compatibility no matter what brand of lock you’re using. If you’re worried about hackers, this thing uses 128-bit SSL and AES-CCM encryption, so it’s about as secure as it gets as far as contemporary consumer tech is concerned.


The outer shell of the knob, by the way, is easily removable, in case you need to access the battery for charging. A single charge of the battery can last it around three months of use, although expect less if you use the lock over Wi-Fi frequently (e.g. when you lock and unlock it while you’re away from home).

Available now, the Friday Smart Lock is priced at $250.

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