Fridge Monkey Maximizes Shelf Space For Bottles And Cans

Granted, Fridge Monkey sounds like the name of an iPhone game than a storage solution.  Despite the far-from-descriptive moniker, this anti-roll mat will cleverly store your bottles and cans, while maximizing the available space in your shelves.

Designed to make full use of limited room in the fridge, the mat lets you lay down bottles and cans on their sides without having them roll over.  That way, you can stack them in a tall pyramid formation, maximizing the space above the shelf surface.

The Fridge Monkey is made from a flexible rubber material, measuring 9.75 x 4 inches (l x w).  The bottles are able to stay still through the use of ridges built into the mat, giving those rounded sides a base to gain their footing on.

Using a single mat, you can stack up to ten bottles of Tuned Pale Ale, ten cans of Romulan Ale or five bottles of Hello Kitty Wine.  You can also combine them to varied amounts, provided you make sure the resulting assembly is balanced.  And look out for removing stuff from the bottom — we’re not sure how the pyramid is supposed to hold up with part of the foundation missing.

If you’re wondering about the name, that’s because the design is based on the brass monkey, an equipment supposedly used by the British navy to stack cannonballs on ships.  That, by the way, is according to the product page, as even Wikipedia has no entry on such a thing.  The Fridge Monkey is available from Amazon in three colors — charcoal, cream and red.  Price is $6.99 each.