Fridgebook Magnets Turn Your Fridge Into A Facebook Page

Do you miss Facebook every time you get hungry and have to trek down to the kitchen?  Some people will probably say you need a 12-step program to fix that.  We think you just need to bring some Facebook into your kitchen and you can do that with these Fridgebook Magnets.

Made by Thumbs Up, it’s a set of fridge magnets that let you dress your Beer-Pumping Northstar’s door to look like a Facebook page.  That way, you won’t have to feel so anxious spending so much time away from your computer screen.  You can just look at the fridge door and feel a little better.  Aah.

The Fridgebook consist of 12 magnets designed to look like specific elements on a Facebook page.  You get one magnet each for My Profile, Status, Friends, Photos, Events, Notes, Like and Dislike, as well as two each for Comments and Wall Posts.  Each one comes in different sizes and configurations that closely resemble their internet counterparts.

Some of the magnets (My Profile, Status, Friends, Wall Posts, Comments) include a dry-erase blank surface where you can scribble messages and write doodles.  If you want to up the realism a bit, you can probably glue your picture onto the My Profile slot, as well, so you can have your mug there just like in your real Facebook account.  Of course, you can use them like any regular fridge magnet, so that Dislike button can be used to hold all your outstanding bills and that Like button can be used to put up your son’s crayon drawings.

Facebook addiction is a disease.  While these Fridgebook Magnets aren’t the cure, they should make for handy relief.   They’ll be available  mid-September, priced at £14.99.