FridgePad Offers A Novel Way To Mount Your iPad In The Kitchen

Why would you want to put the iPad on your fridge?  We’re not sure.  Maybe you want to read recipes before plucking them out or maybe you want to watch movies while munching on a sandwich in the kitchen.  Whatever your grand excuse is, there’s no better way to get that done than the FridgePad, a giant fridge magnet with a mounting bay sized to fit your Apple tablet.

Created by Woodford Design, the accessory allows for quick and easy clip-in removal of your iPad.  That way, you’ll have a convenient and safe place to park it while in the kitchen, keeping it away from messy counter tops and perilous dining tables.

The FridgePad is an aluminum iPad mount that attaches to your fridge using one large magnet.  Since it’s a giant fridge magnet, it latches on without any tools, with the powerful rubber magnet providing a firm grip that keeps your gadget steady.  It can be easily removed and repositioned, so you can use your iPad in either portrait or landscape mode.  While the first release will come strictly in anodized silver, further models will be available in a variety of finishes to match most common fridge paint jobs.

All ports remain accessible when the iPad is locked in, so you can use it any way you normally would.  The mount comes with replaceable corners too – a future-proof solution in case Apple decides to change the curved corners of their next-gen slates (you just have to change the corners, instead of buying a completely new mount). There are also tons of cool iPad cases and covers available online also if this mount is not some thing you are looking for.

While I still can’t get over the hurdle of finding a need to put an iPad on the fridge door, we’re pretty sure a lot of folks will figure out a clever use for the FridgePad.  It’s coming out in the Autumn, priced at £49 (around $75).

[Woodford Design via Crunchgear]