Fries On The Fly Turns Your Car’s Cup Holder Into A Secure Tray For French Fries

Ever tried to eat French fries while you’re driving? Yeah, it’s not fun, with your lap, the seats, and the car upholstery likely always ending up covered in salt and dead potato soldiers. Fries on the Fly changes that.

A storage tray for fries, it’s designed to slot inside a standard cup holder, giving you a secure place to stash your deep fried potato snack during commutes. That way, there’s no risk of the fries flying all over the place, allowing you to indulge in delicious junk food without leaving the car an absolute mess. Pair it with one of those Saucemoto Dipclips and enjoy driving while munching on fries covered with your delicious dip of choice.

Fries on the Fly combines a cup-shaped element at the bottom with a tray shaped like one of those French fry containers from McDonalds on top of it, allowing it to quickly slot into the cup holder while accommodating most common containers for the popular fast food treat. According to the outfit, it fits the medium size McDonald’s French fry container flush, so they recommend getting that if you want one that will be perfectly secure even if you drive the same way kids drive when playing GTA V.

What if you want to eat more fries than what you get in a medium from McD? Probably just buy two mediums (or more), unless you’re willing to risk putting in a box that doesn’t quite slide all the way inside the tray. Because, you know, that’s the kind of fit that can pop right off and scatter the fries all over the car, in case you suddenly hit the brakes or speed through a hump that you didn’t quite see.

Fries on the Fly has a notched cutout section on top that you can use to mount it on your hip like a holster, allowing you to carry the fries with you even after you leave the car to go on foot. That’s right, you can carry fries on your hip like a deep fried cowboy straight out of Westworld, allowing you to snack on the go while keeping both hands completely unoccupied. We know, carrying fries on your hip sounds absolutely ridiculous, but we’ve seen more preposterous ideas that people seem to love (for instance, we don’t mind wearing a pizza slice around our neck).

It’s dishwasher-safe, by the way, so you can just dump the fries inside the tray if your container doesn’t fit. Just make sure to throw it in the washer when you’re back at home to get yourself a fresh, clean accessory tomorrow (unless you enjoy plastic trays covered in grease and salt). For those times you’re not chomping on sliced, deep-fried potatoes, the tray can also be used to hold phones, wallets, coins, and other small objects, giving you a functional valet tray to dump stuff in when you’re in the car.

Fries on the Fly is available now.