Fright Dome, Like Disneyland For Horror in Vegas

Want to get your fill of scares right before  Halloween?  Put down the horror DVD and drive your ass down to Fright Dome, a freakishly scary haunted theme park set in the heart of Vegas.

Located inside the Adventuredome at Circus Circus, the amusement fair has been a constant Halloween fixture, scaring visitors since 2003.  Designed by self-appointed “hauntrepreneur,” Jason Egan, it’s highly regarded as one of the top ten haunted attractions in the US.

The Fright Dome occupies five acres of floor space in the facility, filled with ghoulish attractions, freak shows (eight different ones are held nightly), horror-themed rides, scare zones and haunted houses.  Actors dressed in costumes roam the park just like in Disneyland – except here, they come dressed like nightmarish creatures ready to feast on your flesh and blood.   Oh yeah, they sneak up behind you and, occasionally, descend from the ceiling, too.

This year’s special attractions include five haunted houses, with specific themes based on Saw, My Bloody Valentine and Chainsaw Massacre, as well as longtime favorites, Hillbilly Hell and Flesh Feast.   Scare zones include Zombie Apocalypse, Clownevil Alley and Corner of Carnage (featuring a pair of 7-foot tall chainsaw killers).   All Adventuredome rides remain open during the nightly horror events, including Canyon Blaster, 4D FX Theater and Chaos.

Visitors thirteen years old and above can get their chills in the Fright Dome all through October.   Doors open from 7PM to midnight, with tickets priced at $34.95.  Do note that guests aren’t allowed to wear masks and costumes into the Fright Dome, lest leave the actors confused about who they’re supposed to scare.

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