Froc High Chair Grows With Your Child

Buying a high chair for your toddler is always a tricky purchase.  Chances are, they’ll outgrow it pretty quickly, requiring you to purchase a new one within a short time.  If you’re going to buy your child a high chair, might as well get them one they can use throughout their childhood, right?  That’s exactly what the Froc gets you.

Designed by Slovenian outfit Gigodesign, it’s a high chair that can be adjusted and modified to be usable for all kids from ages 6 months to 10 years.  Yep, up to 10 years.  At that point, of course, it becomes a regular chair, which, for all intents and purposes, actually makes it usable by most smaller individuals in your home.

The Froc can be adjusted in three sections: the seat, the footrest and the backrest.  It starts out as a regular high chair for toddlers, complete with a high footrest and a wraparound protective belt.  As the years pass, you can remove the belt, as well as adjust the chair and footrest heights.  When your child’s big enough, just remove the armrests and footrests, lower the chair to its minimum height, and use it like a regular seating furniture.

Weight support is handled by a solid leg with four extensions for stability, ensuring the chair keeps its balance even when your child leans over and makes sudden movements.  It’s easy to assemble, too, requiring just a few minutes to put together from a fully disassembled mode.

Currently available for preorder with a January 2013 ship date, the Froc is priced at €249.

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