Frog 4.0 One-Piece Chair Is A Standalone Multimedia Workstation

When you’re a chair, your job is to hold my rear while I rest my legs.  Well, the Frog 4.0 One-Piece Chair did not get the memo (which seems like a good thing), providing a whole of host of fittings that do more than sit people in comfort.

Sporting a design based on a frog’s likeness, the chair is clad in green and flesh colors, with an identifiable stout-bodied amphibian shape.  Fortunately, no part of the furniture is slimy, so you can chill out without getting grossed out.

The Frog 4.0 One-Piece Chair is a standalone workstation with a comfy lounge seat and an attached desk.  Set atop a metallic platform, it has accompanying controls that let you adjust the seat vertically, rotate it 360-degrees and alter posture by 15 degrees.

A full-featured sound system is onboard, with a concealed power amplifier that distributes music at a 360-degree angle.  Honestly, the thing looks so comfy I’d probably plop on there with a laptop and never get up.  I just wish they installed a way to get relief when I need to use the bathroom, though, so I really don’t have to leave for even a short while.

No pricing is detailed on the website, but the Frog 4.0 One-Piece Chair looks to be available from China-based Ningbo Bone Living Science And Technology Corporation.

[Ningbo Bone]