From 2D To 3D: These Folding Chairs Collapse Into 2D Wall Decors


Folding chairs aren’t exactly new. Heck, they can even look very stylish. Jongha Choi’s From 2D to 3D furniture collection folds in a way that makes the chairs look like two-dimensional renders of a chair from an angle, making them suitable for hanging up a wall as two-dimensional decorations.

Seriously, the pieces look like cardboard cutouts of chairs when collapsed and hung up a wall, making it downright impressive to see the designer pick one up, unfold it, and sit on it. Even better, they fold flat enough to conveniently stow under the couch, behind the cabinet, or inside a closet, apart from serving as instant ways to dress an erstwhile blank patch of wall in the house.

While a chair that looks like a cardboard display seems too flimsy for comfort, From 2D to 3D’s pieces actually serve as functional stools and benches.  Choi doesn’t actually offer any details about their construction, so we’re not sure about the details of the sorcery involved, although they definitely look impressive in function. We’re not sure whether the engineering behind this will scale up to bigger furniture that needs to support heavier weight, but it’s definitely interesting to see if it can apply to beds, dining tables, and cabinets. I imagine that will make moving so much more convenient.


Learn more about From 2D to 3D by checking out Choi’s website.


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