Front And Back Clock Uses The Battery As Hands

Granted, fancy wall clocks won’t tell time any more accurately than the two-dollar plastic crap you bought at the Flea Market.  You gotta admit, though, that wall-mounted timepieces like the “Front and Back” are way more awesome to look at.

Created by Giha Woo, the time-telling machine features two concentric circles that turn independently from each other.   Each one has an open loading bay for one AA battery that also doubles as the clock hands – the slot on the outer hand stands for the hour and the slot for the inner circle acts as the minute hand.

Designed to fit in with minimalist homes, the Front and Back is clad in an all-white body, with a small elevation in the back for mounting.  The entire white frame is broken only by the color of the batteries you put in, so you can dress up those alkaline juicers if you want to make them pop out.

We’re not sure if this is just a concept or if the prototype in the pictures is actually a working model.  It sure as hell doesn’t look like renders.  If it works, I would love to see the internal mechanism of how that thing spins – not that I’d understand it, but I will pretend with complete sincerity.

You can check out more photos from Giha’s site below.

[Giha Woo via Yanko]