Frontgate iPod Tower Speaker Dwarfs Your Puny iPod Docks, Sits Neatly In A Corner


Why live with a bulky component setup when you can have just one vertical machine to fill an entire room with tunes from your music player?  That’s what the Frontgate iPod Tower Speaker purports to do, cranking out a full range of sound without requiring an entire wall of audio electronics.

Standing 3.5 feet tall and just over a foot wide, the crafty little tower integrates an entire sound system within a single space-saving frame.  It’s the perfect piece to outfit a barely-used corner of a room, providing top-notch speaker quality and reach (at least, that’s what the company claims) while keeping things neat and simple.

The vertical all-in-one sound system sports a dock for your iPod at the top, allowing you to slot it in and out without any trouble.  Hardware set consists of two 1-inch tweeters, two 3-inch midrange speakers, a 6.5-inch subwoofer and its very own touchscreen control panel.  Of course, it comes with its own remote too, so you can navigate your iPod while lying across the room.  The rig is compatible with all dockable iPods and iPhones, apart from fitting in an AM/FM tuner and an alarm clock.

Unlike many iPod speaker systems, of course, it’s not portable – unless you’re willing to lug around a 40-lb audio equipment in your car.  Heck, screw that.  I wouldn’t mind.  If you want the baddest iPod dock on the beach, you should consider stringing this along.  Just bring an extension cord, cause it needs to plug to a 120V outlet.

The Frontgate iPod Tower Speaker is available now, dwarfing your puny iPod docks, for $399.

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