Cook At Camp And Heat The Tent With The Frontier Plus Stove


While it’s far from the most portable camping stove you can find, the Frontier Plus just might be the most versatile. Not only will this wood-burning stove allow you to cook and boil water in the great outdoors, you can use it to heat the tent, too, ensuring you can stay all warm and toasty at camp even in the midst of cold weather.

Made by UK-based Anevay, it can collapse into a size measuring 18.5 x 11 x 9 inches, with an integrated handle for easy carrying. Yes, it’s not that compact nor is it light at around 37 pounds, but we can’t imagine a better tool to have if you want to stay toasty at camp without having to put on layers upon layers of clothing.


For cooking, the Frontier Plus comes with a top plate that can fit at least two pieces of cookware comfortably, so you can boil water while making stew at the same time. It comes with a modular duct (up to eight feet tall/long, depending on how you configure it) for venting the smoke, so your camping space doesn’t have to be covered in smoke the entire time you’re cooking. That same duct allows it to be used inside a tent, provided you can find a way to safely vent it out of the living area (like through a window). They offer a flashing kit for doing this (basically, you cut a hole on either the side or the roof of the tent), as well as an insulated section for the duct (sold separately), so you can pop it out through zip flaps without damaging the tent. An integrated glass window allows you to keep an eye inside the firebox, while air control on the door lets you adjust the heat output.


A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Frontier Plus. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at £299.

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