This Decorative Fruits Plant Hides 10 Useful Kitchen Tools


At first glance, the Fruits Plant looks like a toy that children can pretend to water and fertilize but have nothing really happen. Because, you know, it’s a toy. Well, your kids can actually do that, but this little plastic contraption can actually do so much more.

A multi-part kitchen tool, the artificial plant can actually break apart into 10 different tools that you can use for a variety of jobs in the kitchen. And since it looks like a decorative plant, you can simply keep it in a window sill next to your Modern Sprout Planter for storage, saving you some crucial space in otherwise crowded drawers and cabinets.


Those plant leaves shooting out at the top of the Fruits Plant? Five of them are actually picks for eating snacks and finger foods, one is a masher for fruits and other soft foods, one is a scoop sized for scraping out avocados, and a citrus cutter for peeling your oranges and lime. The stacked layers of the pot, on the other hand, break up into a 390-ml bowl, a grapefruit squeezer, a lemon squeezer, a grater for cutting fruit flesh, a mesh cutter for cubing your fruits, and a cutter for slicing your apples without a knife.


While the whole thing is mostly cut in plastic, the cutting edges are actually made from stainless steel, so this thing should be sharp enough to quickly slice off fruits and similar food items.   Dimensions are 25 x 15 cm (h x d).

Available now, the Fruits Plant is priced at $54.37.

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