This Expandable FUGU Suitcase Can Go From Carry-On Size To Maximum Check-In Size At The Push Of A Button

Luggage isn’t the kind of thing we typically see plenty of innovations on.  In the rare cases that we do, it’s usually minor stuff like adding a laptop stand here, a scooter there, or a modular system for more easily cramming into tight compartments.  This FUGU Luggage changes that, reinventing the travel essential into a whole other type of bag we’ve never seen before.

Need a small carry-on for a short trip?  FUGU can play the part.  How about a large suitcase for packing a whole week’s supply?  Yep, this exact same bag can be that, too.  Even better, the darn thing can function as a table, complete with shelves, so you can, literally, work out of your luggage like it’s nobody’s business.

How does it perform this sorcery? FUGU uses inflatable side walls that allow it to expand from a carry-on suitcase that measures less than a foot in thickness to a full-blown roll-on luggage that measures 15.7 x 19.7 x 27.6 inches.  It has its own air pump, too, so you just press a button to have the whole thing go from small to large in a few seconds.  Even better, if you remove one of the expanded walls, the luggage will reveal a shelf system that allows you to easily organize your stuff once you get to your destination.  The height and width makes it functional as a table, too – just lift up the top lid to reveal a completely flat surface where you can set down a laptop and a host of other gear.

Construction is ABS plastic for the non-inflatable parts (save for the aluminum telescoping handle), with the expanding part cut in a multi-layer material that utilizes drop-stitch technology to ensure durability.   Each one comes with a removable laptop case and a dual-purpose pump that can also suck air out of vacuum bags (if you use those to maximize luggage space).

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for FUGU.  Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $295.

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