Full Size Racing Car Simulator Puts A Replica F1 Car In Your Home

If you’re going to spend an unjustifiable amount of money on a racing simulator, might as well choose one that’s as realistic as it can get.  Other than having your own track built in the backyard, we doubt there’s anything that brings realism better than a full-sized F1 racer as a gaming platform, which is exactly what the Full Size Racing Car Simulator delivers.

You know how gaming rigs now up the realism by using genuine bucket seats for race simulators?  Apparently, that’s nowhere near enough anymore.  Taking realism to a literal level, this gaming contraption uses a life-sized Formula car replica as your gaming cabinet.  Remove all the monitors, park this in your garage, and you can make anyone believe you actually have one of those track-burning beasts sitting at home.

The Full Size Racing Car Simulator is a luxury gaming setup built around an F1-style show car.   Designed for realism, the car features a composite body with carbon fiber details, complete with all the parts you’ll expect to see from a real racer, including magnesium alloy wheels and Pirelli F1 show tires.   You can request a finish in either silver, red or black.

For gaming, it uses a trio of 23-inch displays with super slim bezels in a panoramic configuration,  a 5.1 surround sound system (main front speakers on the screen tower, subwoofer on the rear and other speakers inside the cabin), custom F1-style steering wheel, custom pedals, and a Windows 7 PC (with a core i7 CPU and a triple head graphics card).

Want one?  The Full Size Racing Car Simulator is available now, priced at £89,999.89.

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