Full Windsor Magware Magnetic Bowls and Plates Puts Magnets On Your Dishes To Keep Everything Neatly Stacked At All Times

Four years ago, Full Windsor ran a crowdfunding for their magnetic cutlery, which allowed you to keep your eating utensils all in one place. It offered a clever solution for folks who frequently lost their cutlery when hiking or camping, as your on-the-go spoon, fork, and knife was just harder to lose when they stuck together at all times. The Full Windsor Magware Magnetic Bowls and Plates does the same thing for your dishes.

Designed to bundle together when not in use, these bowls and plates come with magnets on the sides that ensures they stayed stuck together in one place. No more dishes rattling around in your pack during a hike or the storage box during the drive – you can throw the darn stack together and they won’t scatter all over the place.

The Full Windsor Magware Magnetic Bowls and Plates is a set of dishes made from 304/18-8 stainless steel, so these things are durable enough for the rugged outdoors while being reasonably easy to clean. The plate come in two sizes, one with a diameter of 6.7 inches and another with 8.5 inches, so these should be as handy as any standard plates in your home.  The bowl, on the other hand, is offered in two sizes with the same diameter as the plates, with the smaller one holding 26 fl. oz. and the bigger one fitting 35 fl. oz. of contents.

Of course, nobody wants their food touching magnets before it gets into their mouths. That’s why, they actually put small side handles on the plates and bowls, then placed the magnets there. Aside from stacking neatly when tidying up, the magnets should come in handy, too, as you can use the plates to cover same-sized bowls and secure the cover by simply lining up the magnets. This should offer a better way to transport cooked food during picnics and tailgates, with the magnets keeping the lid securely on the opening.

The Full Windsor Magware Magnetic Bowls and Plates can, of course, be used to mount the outfit’s magnetic cutlery. That means, you can snap knives and forks on the sides of the plates, as well as spoons on the bowls. The underside of the dishes are all engraved with detailing on the other side, by the way, in case you care about things (we don’t, but some people definitely do). The magnets, by the way, are covered in colorful plastic, so they’re a little more presentable than just bare magnets on the handles.

Do you need this in your life? Not really. You can keep your dishes and cutlery tidy without any magnets in tow.  However, if you have been planning on buying steel dishes and utensils for your outdoor grubbing, then you might as well pick up ones with built-in magnets for tidying up. They’re just as durable, look just as nice, and you can snap a flashlight with a magnetic base on the side for whatever joy it can bring your way. Fun.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Full Windsor Magware Magnetic Bowls and Plates. You can reserve a set for pledges starting at $49.

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