Live Coverage Of Funniest, Coolest, Lamest, Baddest, Most Exciting Commercials Of Super Bowl 44


Well, here is a live coverage of most notable Super Bowl 44 commercials. Rated by a bunch of rowdy individuals (mostly Peyton Manning fans) watching the game, drinking some beer and thankful for Freedom Of Speech.

Doritos Dog Collar Ad – Dog wearing an anti bark collar shows up in a park near man eating bag of Doritos chips.
Man wants the dog to bark if it wants chips. Dog does one better and in a total Ninja Move puts the anti bark collar in the man’s neck.
Now the dog owns both the man and the pack of Doritos. Funny.

Coca Cola / Simpsons Commercial – Simpsons boss seems in financial trouble. Appu shows up with Coca Cola and all is well. Its like saying what can Brown do for you. Nothing funny, just a bit cute.

Snickers Commercial with Betty White. Very Funny.

Doritos Commercial #3  – Guy plays dead to get his last wish which is a casket full of Doritos. Nothing Funny.

Monster CommercialBeaver wants to become a professional violinist and gets its wish (and a hot model) after using Monster. Cute.

Super Bowl 44 score so far:  Saints – Nil , Colts – 10 (end of first quarter).

Start of second quarter. Nothing funny so far. Saints just scored a field goal. Score – Saints 3 , Colts 10.

Late Show Commercial – Jay Leno, Oprah Winfrey and David Letterman sitting together on a couch eating chips and stuff. Its awesome even if they had duct tape on their mouths.

CareerBuilder commercial – Naked people running around inside buildings. Lame.

Dockers commercial – More naked people running around outside in open. Lamer.

Hyundai commercial featuring Brett Favre – Brett gets humor in commercials. Cool.

I don’t know maybe 7th Bud Light commercial or something. Finally something a bit funny from America’s beer company. Lost TV show setting. They can get out but decide to stay because some one finds a cooler full of Bud Light.

2 minute warning.

Dodge Charger Ad – You put up with shit 5 days a week but weekends are yours in a car you love. Awesome, bold and right on the money.

Teleflora Commercial – Flowers in a box are not funny, point Taken. Commercial was kinda funny.

Colts stop Saints 3 time in a row at the goal line. Sweet.

Colts stop Saints 4 time in a row. I am speechless.

FLO TV commercial # 1- Guy without a spine. Lame.

Intel commercial – Geoffrey come back. Geoffrey wants to call home. Cute.

End of second quarter; halftime.

FlO TV commercial #2 – Talking about my generation. Very Good. The song makes it.

The Who performs. Great as always.

Third quarter starts. Saints do an onside kick, recover the ball, score a touch down.

Motorola Blur commercial with Megan Fox – Gets a mention cause of Megan Fox. Nothing else there.

VW – I wanna punch some one too. Funny.

Addai score a touch down. Awesome. NO – 13, IND – 17.

Michelob Ultra commercial with Lance Armstrong. Duh. – Nice domain, nice comercial.

KGB – Anything with Sumos is funny. This one wasn’t half bad either.

Coca Coal Commercial #2 – Man walking in sleep. I though he was looking for some place to Pee. I guess he needed more pressure.

ETRADE talking babies – always funny.

Saint score a field goal after a good drive.

Google commercial – Good. Maybe too smart for its own good. I wonder if Google would ever do TV commercial if Bing wasn’t in the picture.

KIA – Stuffed animal, tattoos, hot chicks, kids, suburban house. Interesting.

End of third quarter. NFL thanks its fans. We thank them for changing the forced out rule.

Metro PCS – Can you be sued for stereotyping, Or is that covered under freedom of speech?

Colts go for 51 yard field goal, no good.

VIZIO Internet Apps ad featuring Beyonce, beavers, twitter, facebook, youtube, that numa numa guy , flickr and more. I thought I was hallucinating.

Jeremy Shockey scores a Super Bowl touchdown. I wish I was hallucinating.  2 point attempt is no good. Oh wait, booth review, Its good. NO – 24 , IND – 17.

AUDI A3 TDI commercial – kinda funny.

Taco Bell commercial with Charles Barkley – I am hungry for some Tacos.

Peyton Manning interception returned for touch down in Super Bowl game.  breathe..breathe..breathe. Saints – 31 , Colts – 17. I am sad, its over.

Doritos chips can be used as lethal Ninja stars. I swear, you should have seen the commercial.

Another funny commerical from ETRADE with crying babies.

GoDaddy too hot for TV commercial. I guess I can’t say much cause it wasn’t on TV. You can see more here.

New Orleans Saints Win Super Bowl 2010. Final Score NO – 31 , IND – 17. Who Dat deserved it. The on-side kick changed everything.

I am sad but not as much as I thought I would be if Colts lost.

I guess it has to do something  with New Orleans and all it went thru. Lets use Football to bring us together, not divide us.

Good Night.