The Oncoming Onslaught Of Questionably-Themed iPad Accessories


We all knew that the iPad‘s upcoming debut this month will bring forth a slew of novelty accessories based around feminine pads.  Here’s the funniest one  I’ve seen so far: the iMaxi, an iPad Cover designed to look like a giant sanitary napkin.

Sure, we can see this one coming a mile away.  The Hip Handmaids creation doesn’t hold back, though, and that’s just grand.  It even comes complete with protective wings for flaps and bundles into a neat fold so you can carry it around your arm for the world to see.


The iMaxi measures 22.5 x 26.5 inches, with a 10.5-inch slit to snugly fit your Apple-branded slate.  Outside parts are made from tough vinyl, while the inside sleeves are clad in plush, quilted cotton.  While I won’t vouch that it can “keep your iPad clean and dry,” this should keep it away from your sweaty palms, as well as dirt and dust, when not in use.  The seller says it’s all handmade and can be customized according to requests (for an extra fee, most likely).

It comes in three basic colors – white, white/red interior and all red interior.  Given the sanitary napkin reference, you can just imagine what the red is supposed to stand for: red, shiny apples, of course.   As you may have expected, the all red interior version has been quickly snagged by the adoring, tasteful masses.


Judging from the pics, the iMaxi does look like a functional tablet case.  Sure, there’s a hint of gross in there, but everyone saw this coming, right?  Even you, loyal Apple fanboy, you.