Feel Like Han Solo With This Ultimate Co-Pilot Chewie As Your Sidekick


We’re big fans of the furReal line of toys, a range of interactive plush dolls that can respond to stimuli using sound and motion. And while we’re impressed with the variety of dolls the outfit offers (they even have a dinosaur), they don’t really have any that offer much appeal to older audiences. That absolutely changes with the Star Wars furReal Ultimate Co-Pilot Chewie.

That’s right, they took the clever interactive capabilities of the outfit’s line of dolls and put it in a toy bearing the likeness of the world’s most popular Wookie. Whether you’re a diehard Star Wars fanboy, a furReal collector, or just someone who enjoys fun toys, this doll definitely makes a worthy piece to pick up and add to your toy stash.


The Star Wars furReal Ultimate Co-Pilot Chewie recreates Han-Solo’s BFF in the form of a plush doll that can blink its eyes, move its mouth, raise its arms, and make a variety of Wookie sounds. According to the outfit, it can perform over 100 sound-and-motion combinations, from giggling with joy and roaring angrily to closing its eyes to sleep and snoring. Sadly, it doesn’t appear to have any melee actions, so you can’t have it beat up on your other toys and action figures, eliminating the possibility of using it as a rampaging Bigfoot. I mean, we can’t imagine a better character to play the celebrated Sasquatch.

Sensors on Chewbacca’s torso and head allow it to feel whenever it’s being touched, making it possible to pet it, tickle it, and embrace it while getting an appropriate response. Yes, you can probably punch it, too, which, we guess, is going to elicit that loud and angry Wookie roar. It can also feel whenever it is in motion, so it will let out a corresponding response when you pick it up, set it down, or knock it off the shelf.


The Star Wars furReal Ultimate Co-Pilot Chewie can stand all on its own, so you can have it performing those actions while he’s planted on a flat surface. At 16 inches tall, it makes an imposing presence, as well, making for a great toy to show off on a display shelf. Do note, it only speaks in the Wookie language, so don’t expect to have any sort of intelligent conversation. You can, of course, speak in gibberish and make up what the conversation actually means in your head.


It comes Chewie’s signature bandolier attached to a satchel that the doll wears across his torso. We don’t know if it’s removable, but either way would be fine. The best part about the doll, though, is the way it looks, with the thick and long strands of brown hair all over its body that, according to Hasbro, is gelled into place and should be expected to fall off strand-by-strand over time. You know, just like the way a real Wookie probably sheds hair. It runs using four AA batteries.

Want one? The Star Wars furReal Ultimate Co-Pilot Chewie is available now.

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