Futuria Sports + Spa Is A Motorhome With A Yacht-Like Roof Terrace

Love the open-air feeling of riding on a yacht, but have no patience for the sea?  We’re guessing you’ll love hitting the open road on the Futuria Sports + Spa, a 36-foot motorhome with a yacht-inspired roof terrace.

Billed as a yacht on wheels, the roof panel features a full-size jacuzzi built into the wooden floors, letting you live it up under the sun, while the vehicle strolls along the open highway.  It’s got plenty of vacant floor space on the roof too, allowing you to set up a roster of amenities as you need them, such as cooking grills or picnic tables.

Aside from the unique roof terrace, the Futuria Sports + Spa features a full luxury lounge, comfy sleeping bunks, a private bathroom and a sports car garage on the rear end.  To grab attention during shows and exhibitions, Futuria loaded it with an extra-powerful sound system, an onboard fog machine and some fancy lighting systems.  Not that fogs or show lights will be of any use during actual on-road trips, but we’re guessing the assembly looks awesome on a trade event.

Debuted at the ongoing Caravan Salon 2010 in Germany, the custom-built camper is currently lending its imposing presence at the Dusseldorf Exhibition Centre.  Futuria says the whole vehicle costs around €656,413 (over $ 840,000) to put together.

[Futuria (translated) via Born Rich]