Fuzzy Face Photo Frame Lets You Edit Pictures Analog-Style

When tablets become as cheap as picture frames, you know we’ll have digital picture frames that let you edit images on the spot, allowing you to clean up flaws and apply effects while it sits on your desk.  The Fuzzy Face Photo Frame won’t let you do the same level of image manipulation, but it sure will let you perform some entertaining alterations.

Made by Fred and Friends, the picture frame is a throwback to the old Wooly Willy toy from the 50s, which lets you decorate a cartoon face with iron fillings to give it various facial features.  Instead of a cartoon face, though, it’s a frame you can use to hold any photo you want, allowing you to give your girlfriend a moustache or your mother in law a pair of horns.

The Fuzzy Face Photo Frame is a non-digital photo frame that can accommodate photographs measuring 4 x 6 inches.  Like the Wooly Willy, you use a magnetic wand to move the iron fillings across the image, “painting” a unibrow, a goatee, a missing front tooth and whatever other alterations you’d like.  Once you’re satisfied, activate the magnetic lock and the design will sit in place, serving as an amusing display to cheer you up when the grind of the workday gets a little too much.  When you get bored, simply release the lock and rearrange the entire thing.  The frame can be stood up in both portrait and landscape modes, so you can mess around with a whole variety of photographs in your collection.

Perpetual Kid has the Fuzzy Face Picture Frame listed as “coming soon,” priced at $17.99.

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