FxBalléry PVC Vases Collection Will Look Good In A Plumber-Inspired Interior


Want to decorate your house like a plumber?  You know, so you can pretend to be Super Mario and Luigi with your best friend.  Get rid of that ceramic flower base, then, and replace it with a unit from FxBalléry’s PVC Vases Collection.

Like the name implies, the vases are colorful PVC fittings screwed together in a variety of ways, allowing them to stand on tables while holding a stalk of flower in their mouths.   They each get a shiny finish for even better tabletop presentation and slapped with a handsome price of about $200-plus apiece.


Surely, a plumber (heck, even a fake Super Mario one) would be aghast.  Even with the long-lasting lacquered finish and those eye-catching colors, that sounds a little too steep for something you can probably scrounge up with a trip to local hardware store and some amount of time.

FxBalléry designed the unmistakably beautiful PVC vases with Domeau&Pérès, neither of whom you can actually hire for your home plumbing needs.

You can get the FxBalléry PVC Vases Collection from the Domeau&Pérès store.  Link to both companies’ website below.

[Domeau&Pérès, FxBalléry via Moco Loco]