Dyneema Construction Allows These FYF Barefoot Shoes To Provide Adequate Protection


I’ve never been sold on Vibrams and similar “barefoot” toed shoes, but if you’re a fan, you might be interested in FYF. Short for “Free Your Feet,” it’s an ultra-minimalist footwear that covers your feet in what essentially amounts to a pair of ultra-durable socks.

Created by the Swiss Barefoot Company, it’s being billed as “the world’s most minimalist, high-tech footwear.” Basically, it brings you as close as possible to being barefooted, all while protecting your feet from stones, shards, and other hazards of the outdoors.


FYF is made from Dyneema, a specially-engineered type of wool that’s been described as the world’s strongest fiber, giving it a very high resistance to cuts, tears, and abrasion (as long as you don’t walk on a bed full of sea urchins, you’ll be fine). It’s hydrophobic so you can run through puddles, very bendable so you can move your feet freely, soft so it’s comfortable to wear, and UV-resistant, all while having high thermal conductivity (cools the feet) and being easy to clean (it’s chemically inert). Features include elastic seams to keep it tight on the feet, tiny nubs on the bottom that give it superior grip, and all the goofy aesthetic you can expect from a pair of feet-shaped socks designed to serve as training shoes. Each pair comes with a water-resistant pouch, so you can just remove them and wear normal-looking fare after running, training, or working out.


A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for FYF. Pledges to reserve a pair starts at $50.

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