G-Shock Hyper Color Man Box Watch Is A Colorful Girl Repellent


There’s no Guinness Record for the ugliest watch of the galaxy.  If there was, though, I wouldn’t be surprised to find the G-Shock Hyper Color Man Box ranking high on the aspirants’ list.

Clad in a cornucopia of intentionally uncoordinated bright colors, it looks like an 80s fashion accessory dreamed up by Cyndi Lauper, while she was stoned on crack cocaine, singing “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.”  Seriously, though, imagine how good this will look with a mismatched pair of colorful Chuck Taylors?  Mmm…just a little?  Combined with the full-plastic construction and a barely-readable mess of a dial, it’s definitely not the kind of watch you want to be caught wearing on a first date.  Unless you’re dating Cyndi Lauper.  And it’s 1984.

Features are standard G-Shock, such as shock resistance, water-resistance up to 65 feet and other rugged capabilities.  From what I can gather, it’s women-repellent too, making it an excellent gift for your husband or boyfriend who may be prone to occasionally stray.  The face has both a two arm mechanism and a digital watch, along with a chronometer and a bevy of built-in functions (alarm, stopwatch, etc).

The Man Box name, by the way, refers to a series of watches Casio has been releasing since last year, which bundles a toy figure with a head similar to the watch it comes with.  Yes, the Hyper Color’s token character comes in the same…errr…hyper colors too.

While I’m 100% convinced this could have been an 80s phenomenon, you’ll have to settle with wearing a G-Shock Hyper Color Man Box in 2010.  Unless you have a hidden time machine in the basement, of course.  It’s available now for just under ¥20,000 (around $200+).

[Casio JP via High Snobiety]