Casio G-Shock Goes Luxury With The Metal Twisted MT-G Collection

G-Shock and luxury don’t exactly come hand in hand, so we guess most folks will have a hard time embracing the premise behind the G-Shock Metal Twisted MT-G Collection.  Think about how you, basically, treat your G-Shock like a battlefield accessory yet it keeps surviving and, we guess, adding some luxury styling on top of the killer durability wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

Casio bills the MT-G as “a completely refined series crafted for select premium styles,”  with all materials and components made entirely in-house at the company’s Yamagata factory.  It retains the G-Shock’s rugged masculine styling, all while getting enough injection of fancy to justify the premium price positioning.

The G-Shock Metal Twisted MT-G Collection consists of three models: MTGS1000D-1A (stainless steel); MTGS1000BD-1A (refined black Ion-plated stainless steel); and MTGS1030BD-1A (same as the previous, but with gold highlights and a red-paneled bracelet band).   All three use the company’s advanced Core Guard structure, which employs stainless steel, resin and alpha gel to give the timepieces that vaunted shock resistance, with all-metal exteriors that, admittedly, evoke a classier image than their usual rubbery fare.   It comes with a dual-layer watch face with four subdials under a sapphire crystal mineral glass with anti-glare coating, along with a smart access electronic crown.  Features include LED-infused Tough Movement,  Multi-band 6 atomic timekeeping (radio-controlled time adjustments from global transmitting stations), Triple G Resist (shock, gravitational drop and centrifugal force resistance), and soft-touch resin panels on the underside of the band so it wears more comfortably than other metal watches.

Available in November, the G-Shock Metal Twisted MT-G Collection will retail starting at $900.

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