Gabriel Dishaw’s Junk-Metal Sneaker Sculptures


Motherboards and sneakers are quite the unlikely combination.  That’s why these sneaker sculptures, which uses old circuit boards and other throwaway materials to create replicas of popular kicks, look way awesome.

Created by junk-metal artist Gabriel Dishaw, the growing collection now numbers five pieces, with names such as the Air Jordan Colossus, Junk Dunk and Blazer Pentium 1.0 (which should give you a hint about what shoes they’re based on).  They’re all made to an exact size of 9.5 inches, although they’re unwearable (you can try, but I’m sure it’s “you break, you buy”).


Each sculpted shoe weighs anywhere from five to 20 pounds, with plenty of details to make them easily identifiable, from accurate stitch patterns to movable shoe tongues and laces.  He uses discarded materials – such as wires, staples, bolts, screws, old typewriters and motherboard scraps – to produce every single one.  Individual parts are bent into shape and are stuck together with glue.


Of course, it sucks that you can’t wear them.  Really.  If you’d like a creative monument to your ever-heightening fetish for quality rubber footwear, however, these heavy metal pieces should find a comfy spot in your display shelves.

The shoes come with their own boxes, which are similarly sculpted out of junk metal pieces.  You should check out Dishaw’s site for detailed photo galleries, as well as check out his non-sneaker-related creations.

[Gabriel DiShaw via Ecouterre]