Galaxy Chair Mats Put The Universe At Your Feet

Chair mats are plenty useful if you want to protect your flooring or carpet from being ravaged by your favorite Steelcase Gesture Office Chair.  Most of what you can get at Office Depot, though, are just plain boring.  Bring a little out of this world inspiration into your workspace with Underfoot Media’s Galaxy Chair Mats.

Printed with images from the NASA Hubble Telescope and the Spitzer Space Telescope, the chair mats let you enjoy stunning snapshots of majestic scenes from space.  Sadly, none of them involves battles between alien space fleets or giant monsters floating around the vast nothingness, but we’ll take it.

The Galaxy Chair Mats come in two sizes: 48 x 48 inches and 48 x 55 inches, both with rounded corners.  Each one measures 2.4 mm thick and should work with most common floorings, including hardwood, tiles, concrete, vinyl, and low-pile commercial-grade carpets (no shag carpets, though).  The current selection consists of various images from space, including shots of the Crab Nebula, the Helix Nebula, and the Orion Nebula, among six others.

Granted, these prints look like they belong more hung up a wall than under your feet, but they definitely make for an inspiring sight.  Of course, you can always just hang them up the wall and get one of those boring mats from Office Depot to protect your home office floors instead.

Underfoot Media’s Galaxy Chair Mats retail for $185 and $220 respectively, depending on the size.  They also accept custom orders using any picture, provided you own the picture (or if it’s in the public domain).

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