Game Face Puts Your Mug On A Ping Pong Paddle… Instant Win!


Ping pong is a fun game that can eat up hours of your time, as long as you have a worthy opponent on the other end of the table. Like any sport, the more serious you get with the game, the better the opponents that you face, making even the slightest edge an important addition to your toolset. This Game Face Paddle lets you momentarily distract your opponent with a “WTF is that?” reaction that could prove helpful in a close match that comes down the wire.

No, we’re not entirely sure if this paddle will be allowed in an actual, regulation table tennis match. For pickup games at the local club, the table in your buddy’s garage, or the office conference table, though, this thing will be a sure hit, working double time to leave your opponents confused at the stupidity of having your face printed on the paddle and everybody else laughing at the utter hilarity of the same thing.


Game Face is a custom table tennis paddle with your face printed on both sides of the head. You can have different images printed on each side, too, so you can have a serious one to announce your intense desire to win and a goofy one to show off once you’ve lost in embarrassing fashion (“Lol, I was just having fun”). The paddles are sized and weighted according to table tennis regulation standards, so you should be able to use them in official competitions (provided they allow paddles with your face on it, of course).


Available from Firebox, the Game Face is priced at £29.99.

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