Exciting Collectible Game of Thrones Guitar Collection

Game of Thrones fans can never get enough of the series. With the final season underway, the hype is real. Everyone is excited and that is all people talk about. It is very easy to find goodies with GoT related designs. Be it simple stuff like coffee mugs or water bottles, fans like collecting them. Imagine if you could own a collector’s edition item so rare and exotic that the other fans are sure to feel jealous. Fender guitars are generally the best in the market. They have now launched a new series of guitars modeled on the Game of Thrones theme.

Ron Thorn, one of the best designers in Fender, has come up with these awesome designs. These guitars are conceptualized and built in the dream factory. The guitars have been designed in collaboration with D.B. Weiss who is known for his knowledge of both Game of Thrones and guitars. This collection showcases three electric guitars. Each of these deluxe guitars embodies the spirit of the houses of Westeros. For all the guitarists out there, this is the best piece of news ever available. These deluxe edition guitars can also be used as great gifting options.


Game of Thrones Fennister Jaguar

The guitar modeled on the House Of Stark Telecaster has a look and feel of weathered ash. The decorative edging is made of sterling silver. The Dirwolf emblem is engraved into the wood, one at the bridge and the other close to the first fret. It gives a smooth feel while playing. The pick is made of nickel silver and also follows the theme of the guitar. This model costs around $25,000 and even comes with a customized case which is made of faux wolf fur.

Fender Game of Thrones House Stark Telecaster Guitar

The guitar modeled on the House Of  Lannister Jaguar is in contrast to the stark house. It is made of 24k gold leaf. The guitar is covered with carvings on all sides. The control plate is also made of gold plating. The colors red and gold make this guitar look even more enchanting. The guitar follows a vintage style of wiring. This model features a hand wounds Stratocaster which offers a rich tone. A lion sigil is engraved to complete the design. This model costs around $30,000 and comes in a customizable velvet case.

Game of Thrones Lannister Jaguar

The guitar modeled on the House Of Targaryen Stratocaster features a black colored dragon theme. The entire body of the guitar is made to look like a dragon scale. The position markers are made of silver. A dragon sigil is placed in the first fret. The pickguard features a 3 headed dragon. This model is priced at $35,000 and comes with a customized case which also features a reptilian theme.

Game of Thrones Targaryen Stratocaster Guitar

For all the die-hard fans of Game of Thrones, these guitars are a must-have collectible item. Enchant your party guests by displaying these rare deluxe edition guitars. If you are a guitarist, rock your concerts by showing off these beauties to everyone!

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