Life Size Game Of Thrones Iron Throne Replica

It’s good to be king. Whether you’re ruling over the Seven Kingdoms, the drug trade in the streets of urban America or the population of engineers in your office, the king always gets his way.  Every king deserves the kingliest of thrones and we can’t imagine anything more violently regal than this 1:1 replica of the Game of Thrones’ Iron Throne.

No, this isn’t just some dude from Etsy crafting an unlicensed reproduction.  Instead, it’s a life-sized official replica sold by HBO itself.  Not only does it wear the same intricate details as the throne “made of a thousand swords” from surrendered enemies, it’s sized so you can sit on it while you admire the subservient work your subjects are doing in service of their king.   Yeah, it really is good to be king.

Unfortunately, the Iron Throne replica isn’t made from real swords that were hammered and sewn together for 59 days the way Aegon I Targaryen did it from back in the day.  Instead, this modern-day version is constructed from fiberglass and fireproof resin that’s cast from a mold created by a giant robot arm (no, seriously, check the product pictures on the official page).  The throne is then hand-finished and hand-painted to create the appearance of a mass of bladed weapons bundled together into a furniture fit for a warrior king.

Over 7 feet tall, close to 6 feet wide and 5.5 feet in depth, it’s as large as it is imposing in appearance — just like every king deserves.  As a bonus, it comes with plenty of pommels and blade points sticking out, which you should be able to use as hooks for hanging your bags, coats and other gear.

The Game of Thrones Iron Throne is available from HBO at the appropriately royal price of $30,000.

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