GameKlip Mounts Your Phone Onto A PS3 Controller

Not impressed with the current roster of analog controllers for Android phones?  Not a problem.  Get the Sixaxis Controller app and turn any Dual Shock 3 controller for playing your mobile games.   Except it doesn’t really solve how you can mount your phone onto the controller for a real analog handheld gaming experience.  Enter the GameKlip.

A mounting accessory, it’s designed to attach a spare case onto your PS3 controller, allowing you to put your Android phone right on top it.  That way, you can turn your Samsung Galaxy 4 (or whatever phone you’re using) into a proper handheld gaming device, letting you use real analog sticks and buttons to play Mass Effect Infiltrator, Modern Combat 4, or whatever other title you’re currently obsessing over.

The GameKlip snaps onto the controller, giving it an arm of sorts where you can mount a spare smartphone case.  All components (the GameKlip, the controller and smartphone case) are meant to be attached permanently using an industrial-strength adhesive strip, essentially turning the Dual Shock 3 controller into a dedicated handheld gaming accessory.  The controller will remain usable for PS3 gaming, of course, although the stuff mounted on it will likely be distracting.

They offer two connection options: wireless (your phone needs to be rooted to make this work) or wired (using a proprietary cable they provide).  No extra software is required for wired play, although you’ll need to download Sixaxis Controller from Google Play to use it untethered.

The best part?  The GameKlip Universal Casemount only costs $19.95, making it a very affordable way of bringing handheld analog controls into your mobile gaming adventures.  It’s available now.

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