Garden Igloo Lets You Build A Backyard Dome Without Tools


The backyard is, pretty much, no man’s land during inclement weather, unless you enjoy getting soaked in rain or frozen in snow. But what if you can have a geodesic dome in the middle of the backyard where you can chill out while being shielded from the weather? That’s exactly what you get with the Garden Igloo.

A multi-purpose geodesic dome, it lets you set up a covered shelter right in the middle of the backyard, without creating an absolute eyesore the way a large tent probably would (well, unless it’s also a geodesic dome tent). Whether you want a winter garden, a summer canopy, or just a supervillain lair where you can pretend to plot world domination plans, this thing should let you have that, all while serving as an interesting conversation piece.


The Garden Igloo consists of PVC struts and joints that you simply connect together (no tools necessary) to create the sci-fi-worthy dome structure, which secures onto the ground using an included anchoring kit. It measures roughly 7 x 12 feet (h x d), with a floor area covering about 52 square feet, so there’s plenty of space to move around and accommodate your gear. A door structure is integrated into the dome design, so you don’t have to squeeze between the tiny triangles to get in and out, with an included transparent cover to keep out rain, snow, and whatever little critters lurk in your backyard. Oh yeah, you don’t have to follow the build structure to the letter either, so you can make even bigger doors or slightly awkward designs if you’re up for a little experimenting.


Available now, the Garden Igloo is priced at €899.

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