Garden Tool Master Kit Crams A Modular Set Of Landscaping Tools Inside A Single Bag


Unless you’re using those specialty ergonomic dual-handled shovels, all basic gardening tools involve a very similar design. They have a handle attached to a stick of varying lengths, with the tool head on the other end. That’s it. So why not just make swappable heads and handles to optimize storage and transport? That’s exactly what they did in the REDHED Garden Tool Master Kit.

Comprised of nine modular components, the set allows you to keep a basic landscaping tool kit in a single storage bag that measures just 27.5 x 18.5 x 6.75 inches. Yep, that’s probably smaller than your travel luggage, ensuring you can keep this in whatever little space you have remaining even in the most crowded garage.


The REDHED Garden Tool Master Kit consists of four tool heads (flathead shovel, round shovel, metal rake, and push broom), four handles (one long D-grip, one short D-grip, one long straight grip, and one short straight grip), and an extender, just in case you need something even longer than usual. To use, simply match whichever tool head you need to the corresponding handle, connect them by the ends, and twist until your hear a click, which signifies it has locked into place. Done. Each tool change takes no more than three seconds.


Construction is powder-coated steel for the tool heads, hickory wood for the handles, and metal for the connectors, with the storage bag cut in water-resistant heavy denier nylon. The whole thing weighs just 20 pounds.

Available now, the REDHED Garden Tool Master Kit is priced at $349.

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