This Halloween, Own A Gargantuan Skull From A 17-Foot Giant Superhuman

Halloween is coming and you need to outfit your cubicle accordingly.  We suggest upgrading from the usual skull all the office drones have on their desk with this: the Gargantuan Skull.

A giant cranium recovered from a hidden government facility somewhere in the Himalayas, it represents the remains of a hulking breed of humans believed to be the descendants of Goliath.  Of course, we’re lying through our teeth here, but what’s a giant skull display without an awesome story?  Believe me, you’ll want something fantastic to tell your friends, too, once you have this thing hanging over your doorway, greeting everyone who dares to enter your castle.

The Gargantuan Skull is a blown-up resin model with a soft felt base, measuring 14 inches high and weighing 8.75 lbs.  Scaled to go over the body of a 17-foot tall man,  it’s what dead humans probably would have looked like if our caveman ancestors drank enough dinosaur milk and mated with mammoths.  Yes, there’s science to support that.

Sure, skulls as a decorative fixture is a bit cliché.  Giant skulls, though, are relatively untapped territory, making it an excellent way to decorate that torture chamber you call your office cubicle or the guest bedroom whenever your mother in law comes over.

Gargantuan Skull is available for $79.99.

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