Garia LSV, A Street-Legal Golf Cart

How do you make a luxury golf cart even better?  Equip it for the road like the Garia LSV, a street-legal golf cart that can ferry two passengers, both on the pavement and on the green.

Manufactured at the same factory that builds the Porsche Boxster and the Cayman, the overachieving golf cart lets you leave home in the same vehicle you’re using in the course.  That way, the only time you’ll ever need to leave your seat is when you’re going to hit a ball.  Swank.

The Garia LSV is a 92 x 52 x 73 inch (l x w x h) cart with sleek, understated looks and an overload of features.   A low-speed vehicle, it can do up to 25mph using a 4-horsepower three-phase AC motor, paired with six Trojan 8V batteries that give it a 40-mile maximum range.  Designed as much for street use as it is for the golf course, the vehicle comes with all necessary safety equipment, including seatbelts, four-wheel hydraulic brakes and side mirrors.

Notable features for the standard model include a Formula One-inspired drivetrain, full-aluminum frame, 10-inch aluminum wheels, automotive-style shocks, springs and electrical system, hand-stitched seats, storage slots for all your golf equipment and digital instrumentation.  Optional upgrades include 12-inch wheels, a choice of metallic finishes, sports seats and a fridge built into the dashboard.

Proven in the golf course  and redesigned for the city, the Garia LSV is now available for around $60,000.  It’s already legal for road use in the US, and has reportedly been approved for the UK, too.

[Garia via Born Rich]