Garmin D2 Delta PX Watch Combines Robust Aviation Features With Multi-Sport Tracking


Garmin’s aviator watches have long brought some of the most advanced navigation capabilities you can find in the category. Simply put, whether you’re a professional pilot or an amateur flight enthusiast, their GPS aviator watches will be one of the most useful tools you can have on your wrist. The Garmin D2 Delta PX is the latest in the outfit’s line, bringing a new set of features that will come in handy at high altitudes.

Billed by the outfit as their “most evolved, most sophisticated aviation wearable to date,” the GPS watch bundles every imaginable aviation function you can ask for, from dynamic color mapping and NEXRAD weather data to automatic flight logging and a built-in worldwide airport database. Whether you want to receive meteorological information in your location, check on a variety of flight information, or find the nearest place to land your bush plane, all you need to do is check on your wrist to get what you need.


The Garmin D2 Delta PX has a wrist-based Pulse Ox sensor that uses light beams to determine the percentage of hemoglobin in your bloodstream, which it uses to show your body’s oxygen saturation levels to give you an idea how well your body is adjusting to the thinner air at high altitudes. Of course, it comes with a GPS-based flight system that provides situational reference during flights, as well as backup navigation if you ever need it while you’re up in the skies. Flight logging is done automatically, by the way, so you don’t have to remember to start the recording, with the watch detecting the change in altitude and initiating the record-keeping functions.


The worldwide airport database allows you to quickly find potential landing locations, complete with full color moving maps that let you see your flight path in real time. Pressing on a hotkey overlays NEXRAD radar graphics onto the moving map, letting you see the weather trends in your location at any time, all while giving you access to winds, visibility, cloud cover, precipitation, dew point, and other weather-based information. It’s designed to work with the outfit’s wireless gateway system, which connects to the cockpit’s avionics computer to stream any information to the watch, whether it’s the altitude, airspeed, or anything else you want to see, as well as automatically receiving any flight plan changes.


Apart from the navigation capabilities, the Garmin D2 Delta PX also comes with multi-sport features, so it retains its usefulness even on those days you’re stuck on the ground. It comes with activity tracking, physiological metrics, running dynamics, and other monitoring tools, as well as preloaded activity profiles for running, swimming, cycling, golf, hiking, rowing, skiing, and more, complete with heart rate monitoring. Basically, it retains all the functions you can find in Garmin’s GPS sports watches, so you can keep it on your wrist while running in the trail, exploring the backcountry, or swimming at the local pool. Other features include music playback (it has onboard storage for up to 500 songs), Garmin Pay contactless payment, and downloadable apps.

The Garmin D2 Delta PX is available now, priced at $1,249.

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