Garmin Tactix: A Superhero Watch For Land, Air And Sea Missions

Superheroes with no superhuman powers need all the gadgets they can get their hands on to give them an edge.  And while the Garmin Tactix lacks any weapons to effectively become a de facto superhero timepiece, it brings a whole load of features that make it suited for adventurous vigilantes all the same.

Packed with features inspired by various tactical law enforcement and military operations, the watch should make a handy companion whether you’re hunting asylum inmates who escaped through the woods, fighting alien invaders who set up camp in the desert, or tracking a doomsday device hidden near the peak of a remote mountain location.  You know, the kind of adventures superheroes do every single day, so even if you spend most of the week shuttling between the office, the house, and the comic book store, you can rest assured you’re ready if a mission to save humanity ever falls down your lap (hey, it happens in graphic novels all the time).

The Garmin Tactix is a rugged (shock-resistant, waterproof up to 50 meters) digital watch that’s “built for training, exploring, and more.”  And by more, we guess they mean commando-style fieldwork, with all the badassery this thing packs.  As with rugged adventure-style watches, it comes with onboard altimeter, barometer, three-axis compass, and GPS radio, all housed inside the forged stainless steel case sitting underneath the scratch-resistant curved mineral glass display.  The display features a black background and green LED backlight that’s designed to remain readable when wearing night vision devices, with the entire watch clad in a stealthy all-black finish.

What can it do?  For starters, you can get accurate readings on barometric pressure, elevation and GPS position, all of which should help you while chasing supervillains around the world.  It goes much deeper than that, of course, offering features like a comprehensive navigational toolset (planning routes on a worldwide base map, viewing locations in a military grid reference system, recording up to 100 waypoints, tracking trips, and guiding you on the way back to your starting point), preloaded US tide charts and Jumpmaster software for reference during amphibious and airborne missions, compatibility with Garmin’s BaseCamp mobile app (over Bluetooth), and ANT+ for pairing with all your favorite activity sensors.

Future superheroes and supervillains alike can get the Garmin Tactix now, priced at $449.99.

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