Use The Garmin TruSwing To Track And Analyze Every Golf Shot You Take


Garmin’s Approach line of sports watches is great, giving you a tool for analyzing rounds, recording shot distances, and tracking physical activity on the course right on your wrist. What it doesn’t do, however, is track every one of your swings. That changes with the Garmin TruSwing, a tiny sensor that snaps onto your golf clubs for collecting data on each swing.

Designed to work with Garmin’s Approach line of golf watches, the sensor feeds data directly to the watch, allowing you to see relevant metrics on your wrist immediately after each shot. That way, you can use the feedback to make the necessary adjustments right in the middle of a round, making for a potentially useful tool to help step up your game. Whether you’re working on your drive in the range, playing a round with potential clients, or competing at a local tournament, this thing can help you stay mindful of your game’s most important elements.


The Garmin TruSwing can identify club path, face angle, and shaft angle, giving you clear data on three of the key metrics that affect the ball’s direction during flight, as well as the shaft lean and face angle, which impacts the ball’s eventual trajectory. It also measures both the speed of the club head and the part of the club face the ball makes contact with, allowing you to make adjustments that can seriously affect ball distance. After a game, you can use the accompanying mobile app to see 3D swing animations for every shot on your phone, so you can watch a visual presentation of areas you might need to work on.


Slated for release in the first quarter, the Garmin TruSwing is priced at $149.99.

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